Take one minute to figure out if you need a “checkup” with a gay estate planning lawyer. If you answer “No” or “I don’t know” to any of these questions, call me at (855) 747-9455 to schedule a free consultation:

  • Do you and your spouse/partner have all of these documents:
    • revocable trust
    • pourover will
    • durable financial power of attorney
    • advance health care directive
    • HIPAA waiver
  • Have all of your documents been reviewed (and updated) since the Supreme Court’s marriage decision in 2014?
  • Could you explain to a friend in plain English what your documents mean?
  • Do all your immediate family members respect and honor your relationship?
  • Do you have a well considered plan for your pets if you get sick or die?
  • Do you like and respect your gay estate planning lawyer?
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