Estate planning documents like wills and trusts are very similar to your home. After you move in and get everything just right (when you first sign your documents), you settle in for a few years and get comfortable. But like a home, estate planning documents need periodic maintenance. Things happen in life such as births, deaths, marriages, illnesses, family disputes, growth or shrinkage in your assets, new people coming in to your life or old people leaving. Sometimes laws change relating to estate planning. Like a home, if you don’t keep up with your periodic maintenance, things can get pretty run down. The roof that hasn’t been inspected in a few years then starts to leak during a strong storm. So does your estate plan need some touch-up maintenance on the paint and storm gutters, is it ready for a kitchen remodel or does it need a complete gut job? Isn’t it better to find out now, while the skies are still blue and before the storm clouds are on the horizon?

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