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Top-Notch Probate Lawyer in Southern California

Probate is the court procedure that governs the processing and distribution of estates subject to the supervision of a judge. The court formally appoints an executor who then inventories your assets, pays off your debts and distributes the balance, if any, to your heirs.

Because California probate procedures are complex, an experienced attorney representing the estate is essential. Probate fees are calculated as a percentage of the appraised value of the estate’s assets, as required by the California Probate Code. Both the estate attorney and the executor are entitled to the same statutory amount, which when added to appraisal costs and other court fees, can consume up to 8% of the value of the smallest estates, although for larger estates, that percentage can be lower.

Because probate processes are technically complicated and California courts are overloaded, probate of a relatively simple estate can take one to two years to be concluded. It is critical that you consult with an attorney in our Palm Springs or Los Angeles offices to learn about probate.

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